Homeowners in Cary want their bathroom to work just like everyone else.  It is an essential part of life.  Our bathrooms are used every day.  You can’t live comfortably without it.  However, it is a fact-of-life; you will have a problem in your bathroom eventually.

Some of the issues that could arise with your bathroom:

  • Bathroom Sink(s)
    • Clogged Drain (Hair, Soap, Chemical buildup, etc.)
    • Faucets
      • Repair Leaks
      • Replace
    • Toilet(s)
      • Clogged Toilet
      • Leak at Toilet (Bolts, Flange)
      • Foul Odor
    • Tub / Shower
      • Clogged Drain
      • Faucets
        • Repair Leaks
        • Replace / Install New
      • Remove / Replace Bathtub or Shower

So what happens when something goes wrong?  Don’t worry! Unlimited Plumbing has you covered.  We are a team of professional plumbers that has been serving the Town of Cary for years.  We have established an excellent reputation for our quality of work and expertise.

Same Day Emergency Services available

24-hours a day / 7-days a week – Nights, Weekends, and Holidays

Unlimited Plumbing loves the Town of Cary as much as you do. Don’t wait around waiting for “Mr. No Name” to come.  Call our friendly staff today.  919-300-0092