Toilet Repair and Service in Cary

One of the most frustrating things that can occur in your hectic life is having deal with a clogged or faulty toilet. Not all people are experts in addressing the problem since a majority of people find it objectionable to work on a toilet. Your toilet is also one of the most common reasons for water leaks.

Common Types of Toilet Problems

  • Toilet clogs: the most helpless feeling you may experience is a toilet that does not flush. Panic will set in as the water rises and begins spilling on the floor. If your toilet necessitates regular plunging, there might be a block in the trap or in the drainpipe that causes the toilet not to flush. This can also be an indication of much bigger problem in your sewer line, which left un-fixed; the homeowner takes a risk of destroying their floors and walls if the sewer lines backs up into the house. This is why were recommend you seek professional help to address the problem like the experienced technicians at Unlimited Plumbing.
  • Running Toilets: if you’re hearing running water in the toilet tank after flushing, the toilet must be leaking somewhere. Usually it’s dumping water down the overflow tube which can waste almost 200 gallons of water a day. The issues can be flush valve assembly or corroded overflow pipe. If you allow this to continue, expect for a shocking increase in your water bill. You need to employ a professional plumbing service provider to address the dilemma.
  • Toilet flushes itself: If your toilet periodically flushes itself, there is an issue like the running toilet listed above.  A household can still lose almost 200 gallons of water a day, even if it is not running continuously.
  • Toilet leaking at floor: You may see water on the floor at your toilet.
    • The toilet flange could be cracked or broken.
    • Tank-bowl gasket may be cracked or broken.
      • A three-inch gasket that keeps the bowl attached to the tank. Due to the age of the toilet, the gasket can corrode.  Chemical buildup can also cause the gasket to crack.
    • Worn washers or bolts.
      • Two large bolts keep the tank attached to the bowl.
    • Corrosion at toilet assembly.
      • Can happen at any place in your pipes or toilet assembly. Can be the result of water impurity, age, or chemical reactions.
      • Potentially can cause the most physical damage
    • Rusty Pipe.
      • Because many of the toilet parts are constantly under water, rust can affect the metallic portions of your toilet assembly.
    • Cracked Tank.
      • The large tank that holds the water to flush the toilet can crack. This must be replaced if cracked or broken.
    • Cracked Bowl.
      • If you find that your toilet bowl is cracked, it must be replaced.
    • Worn / Loose / or Broken Water Supply Line
      • The small line that gives water to the toilet may become lose or may break over time.
    • Overflow tube Obstructed
      • This tube is located inside the tank. If it becomes obstructed the water won’t turn off naturally and the tank will overflow.

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