Leak Repair

One of the most frustrating residential and commercial maintenance issues is a leak problem due to the complexity it holds. A leaking drain or water line is not an issue that can be maintained or handled by the usual Do-it-Yourselfer, which can actually make the problem worse.  This requires a professional who specializes in pipe repair.

Even the most minor drip could waste 2,000-20,000 gallons of water.  According to an EPA report, there are “trillions of gallons of water” which are being wasted annually in the United States.

There is some water leaks that go undetected for several years since the leak source is not noticeable because most water and drain lines to sinks, tubs, showers and toilets are placed behind the walls, in the ground, and under floors.  These kinds of leaks can cost the homeowner in repairs by the damage.

There are numerous types of leaks that can occur at home including:

  • Cracked / broken drain line
  • Leaking water heater
  • Broken water line
  • Broken Fixtures (faucets, tub drains, shower pan, toilet, etc.)
  • Well Piping Leak

One way that leaks are detected is when a homeowner gets an extremely high water bill.  The most common source of leaks is toilets since these are usually leaking silently.

Once you have encountered this issues, don’t hesitate seek out professional help. There are countless service providers that offer this type of services, but Unlimited Plumbing can provide you the best and most courteous technicians in town.  We are open 24-hours a day / 365-days a year for convenient and quality service. We will utilize advanced equipment and know how to provide you relief.   All leaks, even ones that seem minor, are addressed by Unlimited Plumbing expeditiously, to help minimize the further wasting of water.

Scheduling regular inspections can save you money but time as well. Through our leak inspection service, you can control your peace of mind by being ahead of any unforeseen problems.  Most people have to spend more money because the repair is not getting done until there is already a break in their line.

We are a group of professionals who are experienced, skilled and educated in all types of leaking problems. Our service is available 24 hours to help you minimize wasting water and the damage to property that can occur.  A dripping faucet may not require instantaneous service, but pouring or gushing water is an urgent situation. Any day and at any time, you will get the best service you deserve; we will deploy a technician to make sure that your problem won’t worsen and to provide you peace of mind as well.

Unlimited Pluming provides expert, professional, and immediate plumbing services. You will be amazed on how our technicians handle your issues in just a short amount of time.

REMEMBER – You can always count on Unlimited Plumbing to take care of your Leak.

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