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Emergency Plumbing

When problems arise when we least expect it, the importance of having experienced people available at any given time is even more important. Unlimited Plumbing is available to 24/7, 7 days a week, even during the holidays with any emergency.

The first thing to remember is don’t panic! These things happen.  Follow these steps below to take during a plumbing emergency until we arrive:

  1. Stay calm! – Leaks and overflowing happen! If you see water puddling, try and see if you can find the source of the leak. Before trying to remedy the leak by peeling the base boards off the wall, or peel the flooring wait for an experienced technician to arrive before causing unnecessary damages to your home.
  2. Clogged Drains – If you conclude your water has an unpleasant odor, a blackish color coming out of your shower, toilet or even if you hear a gargleing/ humming noise coming from your toilet in between the flushes this could be a sign of a clog in your pipes that lead to the sewer systems. Call us to take a look before unsubstantial damages occur.
  3. Constantly Running Toilet– please remove the top of the toilet bowl lid and look to make sure the flapper is correctly in place. If the flapper is not in place try jiggling it to set it back in place.
  4. Garbage Disposal Damages– If your garbage disposal is not breaking down the food it is possible that something is stuck in there that is preventing it from break down the food.  Please do not put your hand in there before making sure everything is unplugged and turned off then place a flash light around the area to see if you can spot any objects that my be impeding on its performance. Once you place the flashlight over the garbage disposal and you spot the object, carefully remove it.  This should resolve the problem.
  5. Broken Pipe – Should you hear running water under your home this can indicate a main damaged water pipe in your home. Please call us right away and we will be there to come fix the problem.