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Garbage Disposal Service & Repair

The holidays are the most common time for you to have problems with your garbage disposal, with Thanksgiving being the Number One Holiday for plumbing problems.  Most people use the garbage disposals the wrong way.  Did you know the disposal is really only to be used for light food debris before placing dishes in the dishwasher.  The disposal may be one of the most misused appliances in any home.  Large quantities of food and other remains that goes down the garbage disposal can fill them completely and may block the kitchen sink drain, hence, preventing it from performing well. What is more frustrating than having a kitchen sink that does not drain properly?

TIPS:  Following are tips to see if you actually need your garbage disposal repaired or replaced:

  1. If you find the garbage disposal not turning on:  Find the reset button.
  2. Take a flashlight and look down the drain.  You should be able to see if any solid material has caused the disposal to stop.  If you see something, make sure you turn the power off before trying to fish it out with some pliers.

Are you still having problems?  Is your disposal leaking?  Don’t worry, Unlimited Plumbing has you covered.  We can repair minor issues or replace your broken disposal today.

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