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Main Sewer Line Services and Repair

Everybody wants to live in a healthy and sanitary environment.  The Homeowner in Cary can achieve that healthy lifestyle by employing regular main sewer line inspections.   Unlimited Plumbing specializes in Main Sewer Line repair and maintenance.  We will ensure that your home is healthy and will not be a health risk.

The “liquid waste” which originates from kitchen, showers, sinks, bathing places and most especially toilets from residential areas needs to be carried-out through sewers. Having a proper system aids in making the environment healthier to live-in.

Examples of Issues with your Main Sewer Line:

  • Collapsed, offset, cracked and broken pipes caused by soil shifting.  Because main sewer lines are placed underground and the ground is continuously moving, pipes can be moved as well. The joints can break or shift, the pipes might completely collapse.
  • Obstruction in line caused by a foreign object going down a toilet or sink drain.
  • Corrosion caused by deteriorated or old pipe, restricting flow.
  • Off grade pipe: this includes those pipes that has been constructed using substandard materials and have corroded or deteriorated.
  • Roots in the sewer line: Sometimes when a line is broken, roots can invade the sewer line causing further damage to the line and prevents normal drainage.
  • Bellied pipe: this is when a section of pipe has sunk down because of soil or ground conditions that lead to a valley which then holds the sewage and keeps it from draining properly.

Some people are not aware that having a sewer line that is not well maintained may lead to serious problems of contamination outside or inside their home.  Because of this, having a regular sewer inspection is vital to prevent unnecessary turmoil in the future.

Ways on how a sewer inspection can save you money:

  • Sewage clean up can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Having contaminated sewage could put you and your loved ones at a health risk.
  • A sewer inspection provides a picture of your current sewer lines status.
  • Having raw sewage outside can put the homeowner at risk with the city they live in.

Unlimited Plumbing is a professional plumbing service provider who specializes in sewer line repair and maintenance in the Town of Cary.  Our team is composed of experienced, well trained, skilled, and knowledgeable professionals that offer sewer line installation, repair and replacement to correct any issues that arise from your Main Sewer Line.

Main Sewer Line Services offered by Unlimited Plumbing

  • Inspection of Main Sewer Line with Camera
  • Main Sewer Line Repair / Replace ( Free Camera Inspection)
  • Hydro-Jett to clear line (Free Camera Inspection)
  • Clear line with cable (Free Camera Inspection)


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